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Certified copy of your Driver’s licence (State or Territory issued), OR Passport (an Australian passport that has expired within the preceding two years is acceptable).


Company search of ASIC database; and

For each shareholder that is a “beneficial owner” (i.e. any individual who owns more than 25% of the issued capital in the company), please provide the documentation required for verification of shareholders, according to the type of entity

Plus (for all company types) to verify the signatory(ies), provide the documentation required for verification of individuals above;


Trust deed (or extract) that shows the following:

  • the full name of the trust;
  • the full business name (if any) of the trustee
  • the type of the trust;
  • the country in which the trust was established; AND
  • the beneficiaries or class of beneficiaries of the trust.
Upload your s708 Sophisticated Investor Certificate from your accountant here.

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